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...excerpts from my studio work at cranbrook...

fun at the degree show!

Saturday, April 29, 2006
no new pictures of the work, but there were festivities!

middlehillgood laser dog!

check out more pictures of the show here:
all pieces - except mine i guess
the opening from brice

graduate degree show

Monday, April 24, 2006
saturday was the opening for the degree show. it was amazing! i know it's pretty much a given that you get to be in the show, but not really coming from a background of showing work in galleries, this was a pretty big deal. andy and i collaborated on a piece that we'll just call 'video helmet #2' and although there was a lot of prep work before the installation began [ fabrication, computer programming, wiring, testing... ] there was also a lot of in-the-museum time too. that was a crazy thing... since so many people had big installations, there was a lot of construction noise and since our 'site' was fairly prominant there was a lot of foot traffic around the project which made it a little difficult to trouble shoot, but i think it was a good experience... at any rate here's a shot of the show, i promise to post more photos later...
Video Helmet #2

a mark of intelligence....

Friday, April 07, 2006
bruce mau lectured at cranbrook tonight to a packed house. i've never heard him speak before and was pleasantly surprised [ okay i wasn't surprised, but let's just say it was pleasant anyway... ] to find that he was a really intelligent and interesting and well-spoken man. the way he talked about his work, his office, his projects [ pronounced canadian style with a long 'o' ] and his passions really confirmed to me that optimism and passion and enthusiasm are very important characteristics of successful and intelligent people. somehow toronto has moved up a notch or two on my list of future places to live...

anyway, i have this book about pranks and in the back are some quotes that i was reading yesterday and the one that kind of stuck in my head, in fact i almost wrote it down because it kind of struck a chord with me, says "It is a mark of intelligence, no matter what you are doing, to have a good time doing it." i paused on it yesterday because i think it is one of the things i have learned here... not that i didn't really run into it before, just more so here... the people i really respect, that i think are super talented and very smart are also the people who love life. they seem to be having fun when they are working and it's very apparent. so i just wanted to draw that coincidence on digital paper as a reminder to myself.