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...excerpts from my studio work at cranbrook...

thinking about...

Thursday, March 30, 2006
...the jig and the very sharp knife metaphor.

the other day we talked about jigs in seminar. it reminded me of the mantra [ i guess ] that i've heard while learning more about unix that it is an operating system made up of very specific programs that are very small and very efficient. this was kind of the way i was interpreting the idea of a jig... not exactly and in fact if i think about it too much i start to lose the analogy, but i guess i just need to write it down to figure it out... and how it relates to what i am doing... because i'm sure it does. i was thinking that as bill turned to me and said it...

this is going to be [ or already is ] rambling and more for me... so bear with me. a jig [ as i've seen them made ] is not a fetishized object while it is being made... it is only romanticized after the fact when it is hung on the wall or photographed or just 'hung onto' because it inspires wonder or curiosity or embodies mechanical beauty. in it's making it is purely and supremely functional. it makes some task easier or possible... it might be for repetitive use or for that one cut that can only be made with a customized setup. it is the 'very sharp knife' ... i think... i thought, as we sat and talked, that it was the thing that was useful for one project or a few projects, but not enough [ or for enough people ] that it could be marketed as a product. it is something that i need... that kind of goes against the VSN analogy... everyone needs a VSN or in unix, awk or sed or whatever... but maybe those are kind of exceptions... they start out as a jig and then get polished and everyone can use them... they can be customized to a certain degree, but really only do one thing.

so, for my work... i sort of feel like patches in jitter are like jigs... and so are the shell scripts that work with my gps and webcam... they are quick and easy [ if you are skilled in the basics - which incidentally i am not, but nevertheless... ] and can be customized to a certain degree... maybe actually, the VSN is just a tool to make the jig... that sounds more reasonable... speaking of jigs and making things, i should be making something right now...

battery power

Thursday, March 09, 2006
so i picked up a battery and hooked it up to the stompbox and it worked... go figure. now there are housing issues to deal with... armatures to design and build... plenty of things to do from now until graduation.

battery powered

the trailer project published...

Sunday, March 05, 2006
check out this article about shan and the trailer project...
pretty awesome.

more notes on method

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Exifer is a free app for PC that lets you add EXIF data to a JPEG that doesn't have pre-existing EXIF headers... this is good since i need to add a date stamp to that header...

would like to find a OSX/Linux app that does that preferably as a command line tool that is very very small...

so this is what i think has to happen with the webcam images:

take the picture on a schedule [ cron job ] -- check.
rename it to a unique filename [ the date ] -- check.
add EXIF datestamp [ ? ]
add geocode tags to EXIF header [ ? ]
move to remote webserver [ ncftp ] -- check.
display as a pin on a map [ maybe google maps, but i'm flexible ]

other things that need to happen:

draw path on map showing route taken from gps data [ save data to .GPX rather than .XML maybe? and try some other options of overlaying track data... ]

alright... that's enough for this update... time to get back to making this presentable.

SBDrive002 loaded

Wednesday, March 01, 2006
figured out what was wrong [ not really why it was wrong, but what and where it happened ]
i was converting the trackfiles from CetusGPS created on my pda as PDB files to GPX files using GPSBabel on the GPSVisualizer site... unfortunately that changed the timestamps somehow... they showed a different day, i don't know maybe i did something screwy, but i went back to the GPSVisualizer site and used their conversion tool and all was well. files saved as GPX format with the correct date stamps... these photos are actually closer to the exact location than the first set. i logged the points every 2 seconds and the pics are just at random times. i still have a log file from the first drive with tracks logged every second... i should re encode those images and see how the map reads then because some of those images are far from correctly tagged.
still working on the webcam pics... need to figure out how to automatically add EXIF dates...

in the meantime check out the pics

see my previous email about adding the GMIF functionality to firefox in order to view the mapped locations of each photo in the set.