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...excerpts from my studio work at cranbrook...


well... there's a bit of a steep road ahead here. with regard to the part of our group project that i am focusing on, that little part that i proposed which seemed so attainable now is becoming more difficult with each passing day...

since my last post which was [ ouch ] november 16th. almost three weeks ago... anyway, since then i have changed my plan. i'm using a soekris net4521 [ basically a linux router ] which was a project i first heard about from a colleague and then found in issue 03 of make magazine... anyway, i am working to build it as described in that project [ see stompboxnetworks ] before making a few small modifications to it. you can see a picture of the box below
building a stompbox
it runs on a customized distribution of pebble linux, a small version of debian [ very small actually... it runs on a 128MB compact flash card ] so here's what i've done so far and a couple notes about what i still need to do:

-bought almost everything [ still waiting on the wifi card, but this isn't critical for my application ]
-set up the verizon wireless card and checked connection on a PC laptop
-installed the USB card and verizon wireless card
-installed and configured [ via hyperteminal on a pc ] the OS on a 128MB CF card [ i'd like to figure out how to do this with a mac... been trying using Zterm, but i have to go from USB to a null modem cable and i'm not really sure that works to begin with... anyway, i can't get into the machine via my mac yet ]
-partitioned a 1GB CF card with the OS on the first partition. i'd like to get this configured so that i have some storage on the card for pictures.
-set up a webpage with the php script i found in the forums but still need to set up mysql and get the thing tuned to my particular devices, file locations, addresses....
-i'd like to try to get some video out of this box to show a slide show on the vehicle... nothing too demanding, but this would require some tricky maneuvering and some luck.

thats about all i have right now... off to try to see if i can get the gps unit to show a location.

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Monday, December 12, 2005 12:53:00 AM

yeah! so happy to hear from you that something gps related is being successful...your fortune was right, "patience will triumph"...now if can just maintain such a virtue till the project is complete...    

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