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...excerpts from my studio work at cranbrook...

semester recap [orig. posted 2005.01.09 at 04:40 AM]

documentation of the previous semester's projects will be coming to this blog soon enough [well, that's the plan anyways] but in the meantime here is a brief recap of what i did and what i plan to do...

Forum Gallery Group Show -

the team consisted of me, ed liang, maryam kaykavoosi, and robert brooks. we built a relatively modular plywood platform in and outside the forum gallery that addressed the nature of site specificity.

Dive Into Repetition - Hanging Bricks

the team for this project is me, andy weitnauer, and ben teague. this project is still in progress and it's completion [in time for an upcoming gallery show] will be my first task.

Fanfare Video/Audio Manipulation

the team for this project was me, andy weitnauer, and ed liang. in preparation for the event our studio held a 3-day charette with two former graduates and gustavo crembil [the AIR at the time]. we positioned a wireless camera outside the building along with a microphone. both were aimed at the street. we projected the live video feed onto the wall in the fanfare dining area [aka the woodshop] in the hope that the headlights on the passing cars would illuminate the candlelit room. we took the ambient traffic noise and processed it through ableton live and broadcast it into the space as well in the hope that it would provide a coreographed soundtrack to the lighting change. although this project was fairly unsuccessful, i believe it was due to technical difficulties attributable to the short time frame and would like to revisit it at a later date.

Omnipotent Vision - Quadrastatic

the team for this project was me and andy weitnauer. this project involved the construction of a video helmet equiped with a video monitor and wireless receiver. the gallery show was a immersive experience that led an individual along a path through the gallery with only stationary camera angles to guide them. at the end of the path they were asked to write their name on the wall which triggered a prerecorded, bluescreen video to be overlayed onto the live video feed in the helmet. this was accomplished by the use of a patch i wrote with Max/MSP + Jitter. This project endured some technical difficulties as well and should probably be renamed Duostatic, but again, i plan to revisit some of the ideas at a later date.

Massie Architecture Charette - Laser Cut Cardboard

i was part of a group of four students [including marty mcelveen, dharmesh patel, jeff sturges, and myself] who travelled to bill massie's studio in troy, ny for a weeklong experiment in 3D modeling and physical modeling with laser cut cardboard.

Studio/Personal Surveillance - The 'Where's Eric?' Project

this project is something that i will work on primarily myself. i have only begun to set this up with a wireless camera mounted to the truss above my studio. i plan to explore the possibilities and consequences of video tracking and monitoring and instantaneous global/local positioning. however, at present i have drifted a little onto a tangent involving the distortions of the video cameras i am working with.

New Studios Building Courtyard Intervention

jessica frelinghuysen and i are planning to complete an audio intervention in the new studios building courtyard in response to a project proposed by martin schwartz and bill massie. there isn't much resolved about this project yet. stay tuned.

so that's a brief recap and some prospects for the coming semester. i hope to get a more detailed description of some of these projects up in the coming days as well as some images and diagrams.

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